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The Metrel MI3125 Eurotest COMBO Lite Multifunctional Installation Tester has an abundance of outstanding features to make your testing quick, accurate and easy.
With help screens for on site referencing you are able to quickly identify the information and assistance you need, meaning you can feel confident that you are following the correct protocol for each type of testing.
The two LED indicators placed on each side of the Metrel MI3125 EurotestCOMBO Lite’s LCD screen provide PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results.
The large LCD screen featured on the Metrel MI3125 EurotestCOMBO Lite is easy to read and features a bright backlight for use in dimly lit conditions.
The automated RCD testing procedure of the Metrel MI3125 EurotestCOMBO Lite Installation Tester significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to complete testing and the Trip Lock function enables you to perform a loop impedance test without tripping the RCD.
The built-in loop impedance tables featured with the EurotestCOMBO allow automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance compared to the regulations.
The ability to upgrade the firmware on the Metrel MI 3125 EurotestCOMBO Lite Multifunction Tester allows you to keep your instrument up to date with any changes in regulations, making this product an excellent investment.


Key Features:
• 3 years manufacturer warranty
• Pass fail evaluation
• Phase Sequence
• Triplock
• RCD auto test
• Online voltage monitoring
• CAT IV 300 V Safety category
• SOS Help menu
• Built-in Loop impedance tables
• Rechargeable

• MI 3125 Eurotest COMBO Lite Installation Tester
• Mains plug cable
• Test lead, 3 x 1.5 m (brown, green, blue)
• Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries
• 12 V battery charging adaptor
• UK mains cable for charging adaptor
• Test probe (blue)
• Test probe (brown)
• Test probe (green)
• Crocodile clip (blue)
• Crocodile clip (brown)
• Crocodile clip (green)
• Hand strap
• Small soft carrying bag
• Short instruction manual
• Instruction manual on CD
• Calibration certificate

* Tip Commander pictured is not included

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