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Flush Mount PIR-Presence Detector 2000W

Flush Mount PIR-Presence Detector 2000W
Manufacturer: Timeguard

Single channel surface ceiling mount. Switches lights on when presence is detected and to light levels (LUX) set. 360º circular detection, range up to 7m at 2.5m mounting height. 3 user friendly adjustments for Time, LUX levels and Metre range. Timer adjustment – continuous from 5 sec to 20 minutes (up to 30 or 60 minutes with IR10 remote). Lux adjustment – continuous from 10 to 2000 Lux. Metre adjustment – approx (-) dia 1m to (+) dia 7m at 2.5m height. Total switching: 2000W incandescent/halogen, 750W fluorescent/low energy. Optional infra-red remote control for remote set-up and adjustment using part code IR-10. Also gives extended lamp ON times. LED indication on detection and on optional remote control set-up. Side or bottom cable entry.
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PIR Presence Detector - Flush Mount, Single Channel
PIR Presence Detector - Surface Mount, 2 Channel