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Saxby Kios Coloured LED Lighting Kit

Saxby Kios Coloured LED Lighting Kit
Manufacturer: Saxby Lighting

The Kios remote control RGB light kit is the ideal choice for adding a touch of colour to any area through out the home, style and functionality commbined with exceptionally low power consumption. This product is operated by a small RF remote control. It has a maximum range of 10mtrs , though this can be affected by walls and other solid objects.
KIT INCLUDES: 1 x 12v indoor inline LED driver with 2mtr extension lead, 10 x IP44 LED Light Fittings each with 1.5 (1.2 & .03) mtrs of cable, 1 x RF controller and 1 x 12v type 23A battery.
-Cut out Dia: 24mm
-Dimensions: 30mm Dia x !mm Proj.
-Minimum Void: 35mm

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Kios remote control coloured LED lighting kit